Where Can I Purchase Battaries For A Gogo Electric Scooter?

How much is a battery for a Go Go Scooter?

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This item Battery Pack for Pride Go – Go Elite Traveller and GoGo Ultra X Scooters (12 AH Battery Pack (9 Mile Range)) Battery Pack for Pride Go – Go LX Scooters (18 AH Battery Pack (15 Mile Range))
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What size battery does a Pride Go Go Scooter take?

The Pride Go – Go Elite Traveller Scooter – 4 Wheel wheelchair requires 2 batteries – SP12-12HR (12 V 12 AH).

What is the best battery for a mobility scooter?

Gel batteries are longer-lasting, and best suited to people who want to make heavy use of their powerchair or scooter. Higher capacity batteries, such as 70 Ah ones, are usually supplied as Gel ones. They take several charge cycles to reach their peak capacity.

How long does it take to charge a Go Go Scooter?

Even if the scooter has not been in use, the batteries should be charged once a week for 12-14 hours. Determine how long you let the batteries charge.It takes 8-14 hours to fully charge a depleted set of batteries; continual undercharging reduces the overall life of the batteries.

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Can I put a bigger battery in my mobility scooter?

Upgrading the battery will certainly give you a more significant range, but not every scooter can be upgraded like this. Upgrading the battery depends on whether you can change the battery size or not. If you can change the battery, then you could replace the old standard battery for a high-capacity battery.

Can I put a higher Ah battery in my mobility scooter?

Upgrading your battery for a greater range all depends on whether your scooter model will allow you to change battery sizes. If you can, then you can replace your standard battery for a high capacity battery which will take you further, typically doubling your range.

How long do batteries last on a mobility scooter?

A typical mobility scooter will last eighteen to twenty-four months with proper care and usage. Under very good circumstances, these batteries can actually last upwards of three full years if properly charged and maintained.

Can I use car batteries in my mobility scooter?

A: NO, car batteries are designed to give a short burst of very high current, but Mobility Scooter batteries are designed to provide long periods of constant low current.

Can I leave my mobility scooter on charge all the time?

When you put your scooter or wheelchair on charge, leave it until it has been fully charged and the light shows green. Sometimes this can take 12 hours or more so we recommend charging over night.

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