Quick Answer: What Does An Swag Cycle Electric Scooter Cost New?

What Is a swag cycle?

The cycle that started it all, SwagCycle is a compact eco-friendly personal transport option that looks like a bicycle but rides like a motorcycle. The cycle’s top-grade frame folds for portability and supports riders of all shapes and sizes up to 264 lbs. From the handlebars, everything you need is in reach.

Are Swagtron bikes any good?

Swagtron’s SwagCycle Pro Is a Fun and Easy Ride, but Underpowered. When its battery runs dry, that’s it — there aren’t any pedals to fall back on or generate more power. It isn’t waterproof either, which means you should avoid riding it in the rain. Its greatest problem is that it’s underpowered.

How long does a SwagCycle battery last?

A: This can go 15 miles on a charge. A: This bike has a user capacity of 260 pounds.

How fast is a Swagtron electric bike?

This pedal-assist bike can travel up to 19 miles* on electric power alone before needing to recharge. Switch speed modes at the push of a button and reach throttle speeds up to 18.6 mph.

Bike Type Hybrid Bike, Electric Bike
Brand Swagtron
Wheel Size 16 Inches
Suspension Type Other
Number of Speeds 7
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How much is the cheapest electric bike?

The most affordable, complete electric bike ever starting at $399!

How much does a SwagCycle cost?

The SwagCycle Pro retails for $399 and is available in your choice of two colors at Amazon.

Where can I buy Swagtron in Canada?

Swagtron Canada Store | Buy Swagtron on Sale from Shopbot.

How do I know when my Swagtron scooter is charged?

While the scooter is charging, the charger light will turn red. Step 4. When the scooter is fully recharged, the charger light will turn green.

Can you replace Swagtron battery?

UNFORTUNATELY, Swagtron does NOT offer a replacement battery pack. UNFORTUNATELY, Swagtron does NOT offer a replacement battery pack.

How many miles can a Swagtron go?

Best of all there is no pedaling involved, the SwagCycle is 100% electric. This electric bicycle may look like a bike, but it rides like a motorcycle! Speed up to 15MPH for a distance of 15 Miles – It uses a high capacity 36v lithium ion battery that only takes 2.5-4 hours to fully recharge depending on use.

How fast do bikes go?

Typical speeds In utility cycling there is a large variation; an elderly person on an upright roadster might do less than 10 km/h (6.2 mph) while a fitter or younger person could easily do twice that on the same bicycle. For cyclists in Copenhagen, the average cycling speed is 15.5 km/h (9.6 mph).

How do I turn on my Swagtron eb7 headlights?

Press and hold for ~2 seconds to turn the headlight on/off.: Quick-press to switch modes 1, 2, and 3.

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