Quick Answer: How Old Do You Have To Be To Ride Hover-1 Electric Scooter Eagle?

How fast is the Hover-1 Eagle Electric Scooter?

Soar like an eagle. You’re looking at the HOVER – 1 EAGLE, an electric folding scooter that takes electric folding scooters to brand-new heights and speeds. There’s an electronic throttle that’ll take you up to 15 miles per hour and an electronic brake that’ll stop you on a dime.

How do you start a hover-1 scooter?

For the motor to activate, you must first start riding the scooter and then push the throttle down. To slow down the scooter, push the electric brake down. This will stop the motor and slow you down. Also press the mechanical brake with your foot to manually slow down the scooter.

How do I connect to hover-1?

On your device, go to Settings > Bluetooth and select HY-CHR. A voice-over will confirm connection by saying “paired”. This step only needs to be completed the first time pairing to that device. The Hover – 1 should now connect to the last device it paired with immediately after being turned on.

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Does the hover-1 have Bluetooth?

The Hover – 1 Eclipse is built for the adventurous, for those who want to discover what’s around the next corner, and the corner after that. And for those who want to do it all in serious style. Crank up the built-in Bluetooth speaker, let your favorite songs wash over you, and search on.

What does E1 mean on hover-1 scooter?

I had the same thing happen on my Hover – 1 Journey the first time I turned it on. I contacted Hover – 1 support, and they said the E1 error code means there is a “motor hall failure” and that I should return it for a replacement.

Why is my hover 1 not working?

Plug the charger into the wall and make sure the light is red. If the red light stays on, turn the hoverboard on. If the hoverboard fails to turn on, the charging port is damaged. Unscrew and remove the bottom of the hoverboard to see if the charging port wires have faults or are plugged in properly.

How do you rebalance hover 1?


  1. Put the hoverboard on a flat surface, making sure that it is level.
  2. Make sure the hoverboard is completely off.
  3. Once the hoverboard is level, press and hold the silver power button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep.
  4. The front / top (depends on model) and indicator LED lights will flash.

How long does a hover 1 battery last?

Battery: 36Vdc. Battery Capacity: 4.0 Ah. Charge Time: Up to 4 hours.

Why is my hover 1 beeping?

Beeping will occur automatically when your Hoverboard detects that the surface the hoverboard is on or the hoverboard platform itself is tilted backward or forward by more than 15 degrees, or if the hoverboard is sitting on an incline that exceeds 30 degrees. Try moving your Hoverboard to a flat, smooth surface.

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How do I know if my hover 1 is charging?

BATTERY INDICATOR The display board is located in the middle of the All-Star. Green LED light indicates the hoverboard is fully charged. Red flashing LED light and beeping indicates low battery. Yellow light indicates the board is charging.

Are all Hoverboards Bluetooth?

Remember: Not all hoverboards are Bluetooth enabled. Some may use passwords for connection try 12345 or check the manual/manufacturers website for more information.

Why is my hover-1 not connecting to Bluetooth?

Bluetooth Is Not Turned On Make sure that both the hoverboard, and the device you are trying to connect to, have bluetooth turned on. If the connection is still unsuccessful, disconnect the hoverboard from the bluetooth device list on your device, and then reconnect.

How fast does the Hover-1 alpha go?

This Hover – 1 Alpha electric folding scooter runs at up to 18 mph to let you reach destinations quickly and has a disk brake for a smooth stop.

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