Often asked: Razor Electric Scooter Where Is The Serial Number?

Where is the serial number on a Razor scooter?

Model versions can be determined based on your 8-digit Bar Code ID. The Bar Code ID can be found on many places including the battery cover, on the bottom of the frame, charger, stem and/or box.

How do I know what Razor scooter I have?

It is typically located on the bottom of the scooter, the steering tube, the battery charger, or on the original box it came in. The numbers between the dashes in your product ID code (The 7th and 8th numbers) are the version number of your Razor product.

Where is the serial number on razor MX350?

This kit is a perfect match for The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket, version 33 and above. Need hep figuring out your version? Find the small Bar Code Sticker & Serial ID on the bike (usually on the frame or battery tray). Your version is the 7th and 8th digit in the sequence.

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Do Razor scooters have a warranty?

Here at Razor, we warranty our products to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days (for electric powered products) and 6 months/180-days (for non-electric powered products) from date of purchase.

What model is my razor pocket?

The Pocket Mod 19-digit ID can be located on the rectangular white sticker inside the seat compartment, on the battery cover, on the underside of the frame, on the original battery charger, or on the original cardboard box in which it came.

Is razor a support?

He’s also an Electro user like Fischl or Lisa, which means he can deal AoE lightning damage. Although Razor is great at DPS, he can also fill a Support role within the party, if needed.

Are there different size Razor scooters?

Sizing – Razor A5 Lux is a Better Fit for Older Kids While the Razor A5 Lux Scooter is recommended for 8+, if you have a tall or athletic 7-year-old, the A5 may be a better choice as they will soon appreciate the more grown-up-kid sizing of the A5 Lux.

How do you fix a Razor e300 scooter?

Try the following:

  1. Secure unit; turn power on & with NO weight on the scooter, lift back end up and apply the throttle.
  2. If rear wheel spins freely, replace battery and/or charger.
  3. Remove deck plate & unplug brake connector from Control Module.
  4. If the motor engages, replace the battery.

Should Razor scooter be on when charging?

You should not charge your razor electric scooter while it is on. Next, plug your charger into the electrical power outlet and observe that the light turns on on the charger. The color of the light should be solid green. Plug the charger into the charging port in your Razor scooter.

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How long does the razor MX350 battery last?

The battery life on the Razor MX350 is around 30 minutes.

What is the weight limit on a razor MX350?

The MX350 is the best Razor dirt bike for riders ages 13 and older with a maximum rider weight of 140 pounds. Just like the MX400, the MX350 also weighs in at 65 pounds making it the best option for younger, smaller riders.

How do I contact the razor company?

Call us at (866) 467-2967 on weekdays from 8-5 PST or email us here.

How long is Razer warranty?

How long is my Limited Warranty?

Product Warranty Period
Razer Phone and Phone Accessories 1 year
Razer Mice 2 years
Razer Keyboards and Keypads 2 years^^
Razer Headsets, Earphones and Earbuds 2 years^^


How do I return a Razor scooter?

You may return any new, unused items ordered from Razor in the last 30 calendar days. Items must be returned in the original packaging. Please allow 2 weeks from receipt of return for processing.

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