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iPhone 3000mAh 3G External battery- Battery charger

Price: $45.00
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Item Number: iPa 3000

iPhone 3000mAh 3G External battery- Battery charger

iPhone 3G 8GB, 16GB

 iPhone 3GS 16 GB, 32 GB

Up to 500 standby hours

Fits in the palm of your hand

External iPhone battery-charger
$45.00 S&H $8.00


 High capacity 500mA 5.5V, enough power to watch 10+ movies.
Light weight, slim design and small size, can be carried in your pocket.
Charge it with your original iPhone charger.
Fastens securely to iPhone
Three color LED lights show you the status of the charge.
Quality certificate: FCC, CE, RoHS and UL.

With Apple issuing a beefed-up CPU, increasing processor numbers from 412 MHz
to a rumored 600 MHz, load time is drastically reduced, rendering and frame rates
on games are noticeably smoother ( game speeds stay the same)

A must for travel and great for avid gamers looking for more power and standby time.

iPhone 3G Charger external power
Model iPa 3000
iPhone 3G 16 GB, 8 GB; iPhone 3GS 16 GB, 32 GB
Capacity:  3000mAh
Input voltage:
Output voltage: 5.5V
Output current:
500 ma
115mm*66mm*24mm (Length Width*Thickness)
Standby time: Up to 500 hours
Talk time: Up to 8.5 hours on 3G
Up to 16.0 hours on 2G
Internet use: Up to 8.5 hours on 3G
Up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi
Audio play: Up to 40 hours
Video play: Up to 11 hours
iPhone external battery
iPhone battery charger
iPa 3000 iPhone charger

iPa3000 White
Also available in white

Operating Instructions

Recharge iPa with original iPhone charger until #2 LED turns green

Slide iPhone into iPa until  #1 LED turns red

#1 LED will turn green when iPhone battery is fully charged

External power connecting:
#1 LED indicates iPhone charging status
#3 LED indicates iPa charging status

Recharge iPa with original iPhone 3G charger

Avoid contact with water or any liquid

Do not dispose of in fire or high temperature

Do not disassemble
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